I am a healer. A Healer, through music.

My mission is healing—inner healing, healing of self.

Healing required to reclaim our divine self—our true self.

Healing so we are free to do what we are called to this Earth to do.

I believe that the human experience bends us out of shape and we forget. We forget that we are divine souls inhabiting a body to fulfill a divine purpose. We do the world an injustice by when we refuse to step into the fullness of who we are. We rob the world of light when we do not accept ourselves.

When we step into the fullness of who we are, when we lean into our calling, when we come into alignment with our truest selves and the rhythms of the universe, we make our global community a better place. It reminds others of who they are so that they too can do the same.

I seek to do this through song, just me and my guitar.