I'll be honest. This project is Spirit led. I don't have any songs or written posts planned---I just write or record as I am convicted. Rise was written a few weeks before the inception of this project, and it felt like a strong first entry. Enough is very heartfelt and is one of my oldest songs. And the next … Continue reading Voiceless

Believe and then Rise

Depression and anxiety. It comes with the territory of being deeply feeling and creative (or so my other creative friends tell me). It's like a mania. The same thing that drives us to relate to others on a deep, artistic level, also drives us to a certain level of madness and instability. The key is … Continue reading Believe and then Rise

Worry Empties

This photo, appropriated from the lovely Google images (my best friend in the late nights), helped inspire the song, Rise. This quote is a great reminder for a worry-wort like me. 🙂

Why I Sing

I sing because I find myself in the music of others, and others discover themselves in me. It's so important to share our stories, share what we're feeling, because everyone feels like their alone.