I’m glad you’re here and I’m honored by your interest in me.10E8EFBE-D968-42C7-8315-80404205F446

My name is Feroza Cayetano and I’m an independent singer-songwriter whose roots are in Central America. 

Originally from Belize, by way of Honduras and Guatemala, I’ve spent much of my life living elsewhere – Jamaica, the United States, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago and now Spain (for the time being).

With my guitar as my main medium, I write songs that come from the depths of my soul. I call it soul writing. In my solo performances, I play the guitar and sing songs of healing, songs of light, and songs to simply feel. I believe in creating a space for introspection and healing, and I encourage my listeners to encounter their own emotions through mine. 

When I started my music journey years ago, I merely wanted to express myself and process my life experiences through art. My mother gifted me a guitar at 16, but I really began writing and singing when I was 22, when I was feeling lost and alone while studying abroad in Brazil.

Since then, my personal experiences with spirituality and yoga evolved my creative purpose into a broader call for healing. I discovered that my journey to heal myself through music has encouraged and facilitated others in their own healing journey, and I’ve embraced it as my mission. 

I was featured at the Belize International Yoga Festival 2017 and the New Fire Festival 2018 (Trinidad & Tobago). I’ve performed on many platforms across Europe and the Caribbean. 

I write and sing about my personal truths and struggles. My hope is that it resonates with you, the listener, and inspires your own healing.