Finding My Tree

I spent a lot of time this year sitting in nature, writing songs and communing with Spirit through music. Friends have always joked that I’m a ‘tree fairy’, but the strangeness of this year taught me embrace the truth in that. I recently moved to a new city in the south of Spain and my first order of business after finding an apartment and my local grocery store, was to find “my tree”. It’s been a couple months and I still haven’t found my tree, but I have discovered a river, which makes me really happy.

Retiro Park, Madrid

I think it’s fair to say that I spent most of 2021 recovering from the effort of self-producing and self-releasing my album, In(her) Peace, but funnily enough that recovery involved me spending copious amounts of time in Madrid’s version of Central Park with my guitar and my notebook. I experienced spring for the first time and it completely blew me away—barren trees slowly blooming leaves and flowers, and the birds suddenly singing their joyous song? Oh. My. Goodness.

There’s something about sitting in nature, letting my feet dig into the grass while I breathe deeply, that allows me to truly tune into myself and, naturally, the space where my music comes from. Certainly, the biggest lesson I learned this year is the relationship between nature, my mental state and my music. Breathing in sweet air and breathing out divine song.

And I do have songs. This past spring was gorgeous but it was also the beginning of a life-winter that stirred up some beautiful songs. I look forward to sharing them when they’re ready. As I write this, I’m in the sacred cocoon of producing, recording, dreaming and praying.

Because as Jaiya John says, prayer is a thought soaked in soul.


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