Hanging On

How am I? Hanging in there.

Frankly, I’m still recovering from the effort of self-producing and distributing my album, In(her) Peace. I’m proud of myself for putting out that album and saying yes to the call but the truth is, that effort completely emptied me. It took all my energy and all my energy tanks with it, and so I haven’t had the feeling to create in a while.

Flash forward to February—the toughest winter of my life thus far. But the silver lining? Feeling able to create again. Specifically, creating for myself and creating without the pressure of a timeline. Don’t get me wrong—I definitely have music project in the works, but there is no release date and there is absolutely no rush. I’m basking in just using music to bring myself back to life.

Anyway, two days ago, as I was reflecting on the state of the world and the Black lives lost last year, the water inside me stirred and this song came out. Two hours later, I took it to an open mic here in Madrid and, because the event was organized by and centered on people of color, I knew it was a safe space to share this very raw song. What I didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming response of people resonating with the song, and resonating with me.

Soooooo, I recorded a demo and I’ve decided to share it. Because why the heck not? And also, I’ve always wanted to release something in honor of Black History Month.

So, here it is. For now, it’s only available on YouTube and SoundCloud. Once I’ve spent more time with the song, it may be re-released as a proper single on all streaming platforms.

Also, thank you for joining me on this wild ride of a creative life.

I am so thankful.


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