In(her) Peace

In(her) Peace, my debut album, is available everywhere! The title is a play on the original title of the project, ‘Inner Peace’, and is inspired by the writings of Dr Jaiya John, who has mentored me through his book Daughter Drink This Water.

The past two years have been tumultuous in various ways (I did move to a new country twice in two years), and there were many, many dark nights of the soul. Early on during that time, there was another music project that I was working on, but I quickly realized that those were not the songs that ministered to me in my darkest moments.

It was while I was working on this project that I started producing other songs that have long been in my arsenal. I found that in my sad moments, those were the songs that I kept coming back to in order to ground myself. It struck me that these were actually the more important songs that I should pay attention to, and I named this collection of songs Inner Peace.

And then there was the pandemic and a state-mandated lockdown in Spain, where I’m currently based. It felt like the world cracked wide open and the dark underbelly of everything suddenly became exposed. 

To be honest, I started working on this new project in earnest during lockdown, largely because I was living in one of the worst hit cities in the world and I needed spiritual and emotional medicine to get through it. One of the opening tracks, ‘Prayer Song’, was born as a direct response to what was happening, and the recording process singlehandedly got me through the first few weeks of complete uncertainty and despair as the number of deaths rose to horrifying numbers with each passing day. 

Working on In(her) Peace was all about making medicine for myself—songs, melodies, mantras and affirmations that could soothe me when I was low and give me light. Songs that bring me back to myself. Songs that fill me up when I feel woefully empty. The working title in the early stages, Inner Peace, made sense to me because these are songs that, by the end of listening to the record, gives me peace. And I found myself in my peace when I was recording and producing these songs. 

To me, it makes sense that my official, self-authorized debut as a recording artist would be with songs that have held me together in the midst of a breakdown and a global pandemic. 

In(her) Peace is an album of 8 songs all of which, when played in order, make me feel connected, whole and in my peace. These are the songs that bring me to a safe space of inner healing. They help me encounter the Divine within, especially when I’ve forgotten myself. It is my honor to share it, finally, with the world.









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