I. Am. Divine.

Maybe this is a war cry. I’m sure for some, it is. For me it is mere affirmation.

I’ve previously written about this song here. I have nothing much to add about the content of the song itself, other than to say that this song is about affirming the truth within, which is something that exists beyond the trappings of my body.

I’m pleased that this version can finally see the light of day. The recording of this version (because there is a more upbeat groovy version that will be released as a bonus track for those who buy the album) began in Jamaica last summer, and I was able to put the finishing touches during the height of lockdown this past April.

The song has been finished for a while but I wasn’t ready for it to be out. I needed to hold on to it a little longer, cradle it in my heart. Because now that it’s out, I don’t consider it mine anymore. It’s for the world.

Happy listening 🙂


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