Progress! I can see the finish-line

One week ago, I went to my favorite place in Madrid (Retiro Park). I laid down directly on the grass with my bare feet touching the earth, and I listened to my album straight through.

The conclusion? I’m officially finished with recording.

I’m honestly struggling to process this emotionally. Making an album has been such a long process that I’ve been working on, all on my own…suffice to say that I’m speechless, I’m amazed and I’m also incredibly drained.

I put every last bit of me into the last stretch of recording, and now it feels like I have nothing left to give (despite the fact that I do, in fact, have a whole album to give at this point). It feels like I’m going through a kind of emotional and spiritual whiplash. Of course, the album isn’t really finished-finished. There’s still just a couple things to clean up on the production side, and a few tracks need to be mastered. But after that, all that’s left is actually putting it out into the world (!!!).

I’ll keep posting updates as I move closer to the finish line. Until then, the 3rd single comes out in a little over two weeks.

Happy full moon 🙂


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