Prayer Song—stripped down

I create medicine songs for myself. And I listen to them and sing them over and over until I can breathe again. And then I share these songs as a humble offering to the world, so that whoever needs it can, too, be soothed.

As I type this (which is not the day this will be posted), I have just brought myself back from the brink. The brink of sinking under the weight of grief and despair. And I managed to pull myself back from this—not entirely, but enough to breathe easier and be thankful for life— by recording and producing a stripped-down version of ‘Prayer Song’.

As I said in a previous post, this song is a thought soaked in soul. But this version is special because it’s more faithful to the way I sing it when I’m in my room by myself, in need to connect with self and Spirit. The guitar part is a half-step down from the original version for ease of singing without warming up, and no frills (i.e drums, bass etc).

Why am I sharing this version? Because this is literally my medicine song in this season. Because this is the light that I found in the darkness and I want to share that joy and peace with everyone else. Because my purpose is to create songs that give us space to get closer to our souls. Because I believe that rest, prayer and reflection are also necessary elements of a revolution. Because there is a knowing in me that tells me that this medicine that I made just for myself, isn’t actually just for me.

And, of course, I’ve been on this journey long enough to be obedient to the call.


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