New Single – ‘Prayer Song’

I wrote this song just days before the official nationwide lockdown in Spain, when things were looking bleak and I didn’t know what to do. I went on to record and produce this song during the first two weeks of lockdown. Singing it over and over again, working on it, soothed me so much. And when it was finished, there would be days that I would listen to it on repeat until I wasn’t soaked in despair anymore.

My mentor, Dr Jaiya John, says that ‘prayer’ is a thought soaked in soul. That is what this is. This song is me wondering what I can possibly do to help my loved ones who are so far away, and me calling on every positive spirit there is in the universe to come to my aid.

“I call on the river to wash the pain away
I call on the mountain to lend me all its strength
I call on the ocean and the sky: expand the way
I call on the ones who came before
Oh, God, to you I pray”

The production of this song marks the very first time (at least in my music) that I acknowledge and utilize my roots and beliefs as an indigenous woman. Nature holds wisdom and lessons, and I give thanks for that.

I’ll be honest. I’m not trying to shove any belief systems down anyone’s throat. But in the midst of lockdown, when things looked bleak, when the news still hadn’t gotten any better, I found myself examining what I do believe in. I’ve noticed myself returning to elements of my childhood to find strength, and that includes aspects of spirituality that I didn’t before think applied to me.

When I wrote this song, there was no title I could give it other than ‘Prayer Song’ because that’s all it is—a thought soaked in soul chanted over and over again until I can see the other side.

I hope we can see the other side. And I hope this time is one where we can open up ourselves to, well, ourselves.


(song’s now available wherever you get your music online) 🙂

Give a listen!

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