What Kind of Artist Do I Want to Be?

I’ve spent much time chewing on this question, but the heart of my answer isn’t complicated. I want to be the kind of artist that makes her offering with humility and gratitude. Gratitude for the ability to create music, and humility in recognizing that it is not for me to control how my music is heard and used.

I view myself as a meditation singer in search of healing and light. Personally, I use my own songs for my yoga practice and reflection with myself. Even so, I can’t assume that others will do the same. It’s not for me to dictate that they do the same.

I suppose this is why I cocoon my songs while I’m in the production process. It’s mine until it’s not. Once it is out in the world, it isn’t mine anymore—it is for the collective.

For now, these songs of healing and light are all I have to offer. I don’t know what the reach will be…but I do pray that it reaches who it needs to, when it needs to.

I’m on a journey, y’all


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