Announcement – First Official Single

This week, I will be releasing my first official single called, “Tell Me Why / I Am” on all streaming platforms. This song is from my upcoming EP called ‘Inner Peace’.


I’ll be honest with you, reader. This is not the song that I intended to be released first.


Something deep inside me tells me I should, and I’ve been on my spiritual path long enough to heed a call when I hear it. The lyrics, the music production, the artwork—all of it came together in a way that gives me chills when I think about it. 

For me, this is a song for the times. Being in state-mandated quarantine for a little over a month now has pushed me to slowly exploring rooms in my ‘inner house’—facing myself with simple, yet terribly uneasy questions.

This is a song that came through me directly from the Source of all things, and it is my honor to share it with the world. My prayer is that it provides a gateway for healing. That it provides a gateway into your own soul. From mine to yours. 

Give a listen to this snippet here:


Tell me what you think!

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