My Living Room Concert

Back in February, on the night of the full moon, I did an intimate acoustic concert with the Living Room Concert series. It was my first full concert in about a year and it was magical.

Photo Credit: Tilly May Photography

So the Living Room Concerts—it’s exactly what it sounds like. Intimate concerts held in living rooms across Madrid for the purpose of bringing people together to listen to the live music of up-and-coming artists. I discovered this series not long after moving to Spain, and it has become a huge reason why I feel so comfortable in this city. I’ve moved enough times to know that as soon as I land, I need to find my people: my musical and creative tribe. And LRC was the first to make it happen.

So what made my concert magical? That I was honest with my audience in a way that I never have been before. That my audience totally resonated with me. And after the concert, it sparked conversations about authenticity, and emotions and the things we do to survive in this world. Honestly, it was probably the after that was my favorite part—the songversation, as India.Arie puts it—the conversations about the songs and how they relate to us.

I walked away from the concert being reminded of why I do this, why I share. I love having conversations, not necessarily about the songs themselves, but about what came up for the listener as they were listening to the song. I love talking to people about the things they’ve learned in this life and the things they’re still learning. I’ve found that vulnerability breeds more vulnerability when it’s the right space, and the Living Room Concerts was absolutely the right space.


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