I am Divine

So I’ve been reflecting on souls and bodies and purposes and, of course, a song came out of it.

I am a soul. My soul is who I truly am. I have a body.

There’s so much I could unpack from that statement, but I’m gonna stick with the very basics. I used to have this idea of ‘becoming’ who I want to be, as if my future self was somewhere out there for me to chase and get a hold of. But I’ve come to this idea that my future self, or my true self, is already inside me.

That said, it’s more an idea of ‘returning‘ to who I actually am, rather than ‘becoming’ who I want to be. My truest self isn’t out there to be attained. Rather, she’s inside waiting for me to find her, waiting for me to shed the layers of stuff hiding her, drowning out her voice. My truest self might be informed by the experiences of living in my particular body, but I am not my body.

In this vein, there is so much unlearning that I must do in order to return to Her. Simply by existing in this world and in this society, I’ve internalized much of what other people say is right to do, right to think, right to be. It’s noise that has crowded out my own truth.

And what does it mean to return to myself? It means listening to that voice that chimes up in the silence of the night. It means being able to find that voice even in the midst of the noise of others. The truth of my likes, dislikes, desires and dreams has always been inside, within the imprint of my soul. And so ‘returning’ entails unlearning all of the outside crap.

It was with these considerations in mind that I brought a melody to this verse:

“I am a soul
I have a body
I am Divine
I am Divine”

I am a soul having a human experience, and I’m learning to navigate that human experience while staying true to the truth of who I am, and the truth of what I’m here on this earth to do.

You can find the song here.


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