Fresh Start with my Website

Welcome to my revamped website! My life, my music and my vision has shifted and transformed in ways that I needed to represent visually on my online space. I’m excited about my new FEROZAMUSIC home.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been busy performing, traveling, and moving house, which I’ve used as an excuse not to update my website…but no more!

I’m actually excited to share (with words) what I’ve been up to, new songs that have been coming through me, and the stories/reflections behind them. I’ve noticed that ‘more established’ artists don’t really do this, I suppose because art should speak for itself.


For me, it’s important to provide context. I like to tell stories and I love sharing my musings on the things that I’m learning about life and myself through soul-writing. So, this is what my online space will be all about moving forward. I’m not sure when I’ll be hitting the recording studio (more on that later), so for now we’ll stick with videos, pictures and words.


Tell me what you think!

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