StephAnn Feroza on a mission to heal.


Dalegion – What age did you start singing and what made you decide to pursue it?

StephAnn Feroza – I’ve been in singing for as long as I can remember—church choirs, school choirs, I was even in a cover band for a short while in high school.
I started to seriously write songs and sing the summer I moved to Brazil in 2014. I was 22 years old and it was a way of coping with the loneliness inherent in living in a completely foreign country. I would sing in parks and open areas and passers-by would stop and listen. There were people along the way telling me that my songs and melodies stirred something deep within them. What made me really pursue it was when I realized that I was healing myself through songwriting and singing, and that sharing my heart through music could be healing for others. I…

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