New Fire Festival 2018

I had the blessed opportunity, thanks to A Millien Concepts, to perform at the New Fire Festival this past March. The Festival is what I would call the ultimate ‘hippie’ event of Trinidad & Tobago, nay, the Caribbean. It was filled with mural painting, yoga classes, composting workshops, drum circles, vegan food, archery and, of course, a live acoustic session.

barefoot under the samaan tree

It was so divine to perform under a giant tree to an audience who was there to just ‘be’. Does that sound crazy? The thing is, the audience there was a listening one–they were there to just chill and feel the music and feel the breeze, which I loved. I took the chance to unveil my new song, ‘Love Myself‘ which went over surprisingly well.

It’s always strange to perform a song that’s freshly written. I had written it only a week before but I really felt like others needed to hear it right then. The risk (or so I felt) was that people wouldn’t understand or care (more on that later) but…they did.

I usually have a little more emotional distance from the subject matter of a song by the time I’ve start playing it for people, but Love Myself is a song about exactly where I am right now, and where I’ll probably be for a while going forward. My current situation, instead of a lesson from a past relationship. I’m in a season of learning to actively love myself in every step and every breath.

THEN, thanks to the lovely, effervescent Alexandra Stewart, who is a dynamite poet (seriously though, go check her out now), I was given the opportunity to bring light to the stage as an opener for the main concert that Saturday night. Never mind that by that point I was on the verge of completely losing my voice. It was amazing. In more ways than one.

Check out the clip:

More things to come đŸ™‚


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