Belize International Yoga Festival

I’ve spent the year 2017 honing my craft through open mic nights and nighttime soliloquies (shout out to True Talk No Lie, Songshine and the French Press Café for having me!). Amazingly, it all led to an epic opportunity to perform in my hometown of Belize City at the 2nd annual Belize International Yoga Festival.

2017-12-17 13.18.23

The Festival was a weekend of yoga classes, wellness workshops and yummy vegan food, all culminating in a closing concert featuring myself and the Garifuna Collective. It was a perfect environment for people curious about yoga who have never tried it, and for experienced yogis seeking to grow in their practice.

What struck me the most is that nearly every person who attended were people seeking physical or inner healing, while also praying for the healing of their communities.

Healing was the mission. Healing is the mission. After all, the name of the website for the Festival is “Yoga Heals Belize”.

For myself, and many of the yoga instructors that I met, yoga is a gateway for physical, mental and emotional healing—anything ranging from physical injury to depression and anxiety.

It was really, really cool. From those workshops, I was moved to centering my performance around that theme: Healing. And it’s funny–that’s what my artistic process is all about.

Healing is the mission. And one way of achieving that is through stillness. I use that stillness in my music, where lyric and melody are far more important to me than fancy guitar work. Going forward, I hope to carry on with that central message.


Click here to listen to the EP of the performance. 🙂


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