March Madness: Still Water

March has been a very busy month for me, which is crazy after nearly a year of relative inactivity. I started this website as a summer project that I ended up never finishing as a result of travels and unreliable interwebs. No excuses, though. Things are finally happening and I’m here to document!

First off, I had my first show a few weeks ago!


It was held at the Kaiso Blues Café, which is one of the coolest, chill-est spots in Port of Spain. It’s an intimate space with live music every night, and I got to co-headline their “amateur night” called Unplugged and Chill, which is co-hosted by Yung Rudd and Mark Hardy (check it all out—they’re awesome).

It’s crazy for me to fathom, because I started off this year thinking that I’d put down music for a while (stage-wise) and focus on other things, but one conversation with a guitarist friend landed me both a gig and a group of great musicians to work with and bring my original songs to life.

It was incredibly tough to prepare for this gig in the sense that, I have only ever performed my songs by myself. Letting other people into the fold to help develop the musicality of the different instruments into my chosen set list was both necessary and terrifying. It was like giving a bunch of strangers my dirty laundry to sort through.

So, it was a learning experience to let go and let people in. And, I’m glad I did it.

More to come on my other adventures!



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