Believe and then Rise

Depression and anxiety. It comes with the territory of being deeply feeling and creative (or so my other creative friends tell me). It’s like a mania. The same thing that drives us to relate to others on a deep, artistic level, also drives us to a certain level of madness and instability. The key is in finding the balance, or an anchor at the very least.

I’ve written one other song about getting through it, but upon reflection I find it a very ‘soft’ song. It was written when I was just figuring this thing out, and a close friend was very supportive during that time of confusion. His sure-fire belief that I would be okay inspired me and gave me hope, and so this song was born.

The song Rise, however, is ‘tougher’. The chorus is a battle cry, and the bridge is my prayer.  It very plainly talks about what a depressive moment is sometimes like, but then takes a definitive stand:

“I will RISE.”

“Worry empties today of strength/ Love consuming, begin again.”

This is definitely my favorite song right now, maybe because it’s so strong and the name Feroza denotes strength. It is what I will do or have done: Rise.

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